by trying to to do MORE of what works, and LESS of what doesn't.




We are autodidact cryptocurrency traders, who have been in this market for more than 3.5 years now (it's a small span if we compare it with other skilful traders but you know what one year in crypto feels like, right!). That's likely over-simplified (and obvious too, duh!) but it's cleaner than a long list of descriptors.

At our core, we operate on (l)earning, inclusivity and impact. We try to deliver diverse views on the market with our available experience to our audience of smart, curious and passionate traders. With an aim to create an amazing trading community, where everyone can (L)EARN about (and from) crypto, we've been  constantly developing (working on) the Whitewalker Algos (algorithmic/automated trading for BTC and ETH) and The North (discord group to share analysis on various coins).



Whitewalker Algos and bots inside The North were made live after thorough backtesting on various time-frames and using data from major exchanges.


Taking each alt trade with max 1-2% of the portfolio, also 3 algos each for BTC and ETH for auto-trading to mitigate the risk


Medium articles about how to use the most common indicators like MA/EMA, how to create a strategy on hourly, managing risks etc.


The North subscription starts from $50 per month* while algos are available for auto-trading from 0.006 btc* per month

* $50 is for calls only, and 0.006 btc per month comes when you subscribe for 3 months at 0.02 btc


Meet The Team



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After working in Accenture for more than 3 years on software development, analysis, automation, deployment and other technical stuff and joining family business after that (still in it), whitewalker went full time crypto in January'17 and the rest is history. He likes to code and travel, loves scotch and bourbon, and is a huge movie-buff.

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Got into the crypto game in July'18 after getting a degree in business studies. Before getting completely involved with big bro WW he did some online retail business. Now mostly works behind the scenes and only does high time frame trading. And the foremost thing is he's nuts about everything that has to do anything about cars.

We are not authorised by anyone to give you any financial advice. The charts and setups which are being shared in the group are individuals personal opinion about a coin/market, and shall not be treated as a financial advice. If you wish to join us by paying the monthly subscription fees, it'll be at your own risk and no one shall be held responsible for any of the trades which you take from this group aka THE NORTH. Also the whitewalker bots are created for educational purpose only.None of the things present on this website should be taken as financial advice and if you take these trades or allow any 3rd party platform to take any of the trades (on your behalf) in future using the strategies listed on this website or the group listed in here, you’ll be doing it at your own risk and no one shall be held responsible incase there is any loss or gain in your portfolio.