A group which facilitates an environment where people can (L)EARN



We all love trading don't we, BUT missing out on good trades can be frustrating.

FOMOing into pumped coins, getting into a s#itty low-cap etc. are few things we all go through, but we inside THE NORTH! scan the market using our bots and try to filter out the noise to share the best setups available.

We believe that everyone has their own style of trading. Some of us like scalps, while the others may like swing, leverage and (or) micro-caps. While we focus on various things while choosing a coin, most of the trades we share are swing positions (spot and leverage) only (based on 4h and above).



Risk Management is one of the most important thing which a trader should focus on, and we at our core follow that. Risking not more than 2-3% in one trade is what we focus on, and this gives us room to play with 25-30 coins at the same time i.e. large number of setups for members to choose their trades from.

We try and cover as many chart requests and coins as possible but since we are all humans, there is always a time constraint. BUT our bots are working 24/7 to notify you of trend change. Also, BTC and ETH long/short notifications for the Whitewalker Algos (Original, Modified, Strength) are there for everyone who wants to trade manually.




We give a 2 days free trial to everyone who wants to know how the group is working and whether this is something which will help them or not, before deciding to go for subscription. Get access to everything except the chat and chart request channels. Once your 2-days trial period is over, you'll be notified with a subscription form to continue being part of THE NORTH!





We are not authorised by anyone to give you any financial advice. The charts and setups which are being shared in the group are individuals personal opinion about a coin/market, and shall not be treated as a financial advice. If you wish to join us by paying the monthly subscription fees, it'll be at your own risk and no one shall be held responsible for any of the trades which you take from this group aka THE NORTH. Also the whitewalker bots are created for educational purpose only.None of the things present on this website should be taken as financial advice and if you take these trades or allow any 3rd party platform to take any of the trades (on your behalf) in future using the strategies listed on this website or the group listed in here, you’ll be doing it at your own risk and no one shall be held responsible incase there is any loss or gain in your portfolio.