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To successfully trade currencies, you have to possess various skills, such as knowing how to use different technical indicators, several months or years of experience etc. etc. The traditional method where you trade the currencies by yourself (manually), also requires the trader to minimise or eliminate his/her emotions .
The most common mistakes influenced by emotions include the fear of taking a loss, the desire to eke out more profit from a trade, entering trades too often or/and at the wrong time, being too greedy, and many more. Automated trading takes these all away! Furthermore, as emotions are minimised — as the bots are doing all the trading, the bad decisions influenced by the trader’s emotions are eliminated, thus, the trader can preserve his/her discipline.






As a trader you need to learn RISK MANAGEMENT before anything and that’s WHY I’ve divided my bots into 2 categories

  1. Swing : Eagle, Akita, Shark, Yeti

  2. Scalp : Strength

Some of us like to trade based on LTFs while some prefer HTFs, both styles have pros and cons like I might be able to catch the top of a trend when scalping using LTF but if I was using HTF I would have missed the top but would have been able to catch the entire trend. And that’s what led me to create these strategies. Chances of one strategy outperforming the other during a certain time period is always there (consider it like during a trend we get eagle: -1%, akita: 3%, shark: 6%) but chances of all the strategies failing at the same time is almost none, and that’s why, to mitigate that risk of getting caught in the wrong direction I use all of them at the same time by dividing my capital equally among them.






This bot is measuring the price movement in a set of 1,2,3,5,8 and so on using the Fibonacci sequence upto 89 bars back, and then measuring how much low or high within each range the price is. It combines all the data and weights the data by the historical strength of signal from each length of bands. Also, to filter out the noise, the moving average formula is decomposed in order to improve smoothing, and is then used to get rid of bad signals. Number of entries will be a bit high as with every candle the price-movement (using the fib sequence mentioned on the first line) changes, which adds to our advantage during sudden drops, we get very low drawdowns, hence less stop loss hit rate.


These bots assign volume weights based on 1,2,3,5,8 and so on using the Fibonacci sequence upto 89 bars back. In a positive trend, if the price is close to a (local) new high, the volume should be at its maximum as well (and vice versa for a negative trend). If the market is looking for a direction i.e  if the price is in the bottom side of his current trading range and if, at the same moment the oscillator slopes up, it means that there is an accumulation going on and that the prices should start to climb. The sell signal is given when the oscillator decreases i.e. when some distribution is detected.


This bot is based on measuring of sine wave but in a slightly different style. Consider it like this, I send a particle into the chart, which moves towards the price level like a moon around a planet. It swings around the price like a sine wave . It then finds the average gyration distance for the last x number of bars, and then plots them like Bollinger Bands around the particle's trajectory from a point x bars ago. This system seems to produce fewer whipsaw trades than classical indicators based on same reference.



10th Oct'20 till
15th Jan'20*







*The above data is updated at the end of every month. All the data mentioned above or in any excel sheet doesn't include any exchange/funding/slippage etc. fees.
You can find the list of all the trades here.

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E.A.S.Y. is Eagle, Akita, Shark, Yeti for BTC & ETH
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